PhD in Immunology at the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology of the Medical School of Julius Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany.

Topic: Ag-presentation by normal B-lymphocytes

Special fields:  cell-cell communication and autoimmunity.


Postgraduate Studies on Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counseling in CCPE, London, United Kingdom (3 years).

Currently attending an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and specialised courses in Process Work and Existential Psychotherapy.


Diploma in Biology from Julius Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany. Thesis on Immunology at the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology of the Medical School graduated with excellency.

Topic: Studies on functional inactivation of lymphocyte-subpopulations with toxin-coupled antibodies  (Immunotoxins)


Diploma in German Language from Goethe Institute Munich, Germany.


Working Experience:


Since 2000 working in one-to-one sessions and coordinating groups as a psychotherapist (adolescence, adults, special groups, socially vulnerable groups, lectures and seminars / workshops). 

2005 2006: Psychosocial Consultant by the Governor of Duhok, in Iraqi Kurdistan. (6 months)
Monitoring and evaluating local government projects of  psychosocial support for socially vulnerable groups and communities
Budget proposals.

2004 2005:

Project Manager and Coordinator of European Mental Health projects for a Greek NGO in Iraq and Afghanistan. (1,5 years)


Setting up new projects

Training of volunteers and personnel

Preparing proposals for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Monitoring and evaluating the projects on site

Monthly and annual reports

Visibility and publicity work


Representation of the organization and dealing with officials.


2003 2004:

Head of a Mental Health Day Center for Gypsies in Athens, Greece.   (1,5 years)

Coordination of all functions of the Day Center:
scientific program
planning actions
monitoring the efficiency of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
community awareness
proposing new programs
evaluating the staff
participation in scientific meetings
presentations of the Center in the wider community
training of Mental Health professionals and volunteers in the work with socially challenged groups
budget proposals.

The offered services included:
psychosocial support
primary health care
psychiatric services
creativity workshops for disabled
environmental training for children
school training for illiterate adults and many other activities.

2000 2003:

Manager and Project Facilitator of a Health Care Charity (MCCHC) in London, UK, including setting up of new health care projects and psychotherapy services.

(3 years)


responsible to liaise between the Munro Center (MCCHC) and the CCPE (the second agency involved).

set up the project from the initial meetings and coordinated the activities to the successful growing into the main project of the charity.

interviewing new student counselors

assessing new counselling clients
responsible for organising the schedule between Munro Centre, counsellors, and clients, reporting back to the CCPE and to the Munro Centre
participating in meetings with other agencies
planning and initiating new projects (contacting and liaising with members of other organisations, promotion material, action plans, participation in festivals, offering services in a multiagency-scheme, proposing new policies and formulating new agendas)
fund raising.


1999 2001:

Clinical Research Associate for international organizations in Clinical Trials for new medical drugs in Greece and UK. (2 years)


1989 1998:

Postdoctoral Researcher ( Immunologist ) at hospitals and research institutions in Greece for 10 years.


Special fields: Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Cloning, Transgenic mice, Synthetic peptides, including the set up of an immunology lab and organizing the training for postgraduate students in IMBB on Crete, Greece.


1980 - 1989:

Training instructor in biology for medicine students and immunology for graduate and postgraduate biology students at the Julius Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany. (8 years)


Voluntary work in the field of social support, education and mental health for 14 years in Germany and Greece, including community projects.


Further education:


In Psychotherapy (since 2000): Participation in many seminars and congresses on psychotherapy, mental health, psychiatry and psychosocial services, including presentations of   studies, research data and lectures.

 In Immunology: Participation in 17 international scientific congresses and courses, publications and lectures on immunology.

 Other experience:


Life radio programs on mental health and psychosocial development (3 hours, once a week for 6 months)- Satellite radio (Radio Greece)

2 years of theatre training (Instructor: Ektor Kaloudis).

Teaching children and adults (Language schools, Psychology college, Disability workshops)
Training in different therapeutic approaches (since 1990)
Training therapists, coordinating groups, one-to-one sessions, lectures, workshops (since 1992) in Greek, German and English

Organizing events in Germany, Greece and the UK (cultural, educational, psychosocial)