Training in Holistic Therapy


Experience in bioenergetic fields and training in alternative healing techniques such as:


1993: Way of Healing and Hypnosis (Eriksonian Hypnotherapy”)

Basic and deep level trance, suggestions, linguistic programs, metaphors, symbol therapy, NLP techniques etc

(Including preparation group-seminars before the training and supervised individual sessions after the training).

Reiki: Since 1990 active as a Reiki therapist.

In August 1992 I completed the Master/Teacher Degree and since then I have been giving many training seminars in all three degrees of Reiki and healing sessions (individual or groups).


1993: Kinesiology I and II (Three In One Concept):

1)     Tools Of The Trade

2)     Basic One Brain

3)     Under The Code

4)     Advanced One Brain

(Including additional practice weekends and supervised individual sessions.)

Facilitator of healing meditation groups.


Working with Bach Flower Essences (Since 1980).


Seminar languages: Greek, English, or German