Voluntary work

In Greece (10 years)
Organisation, starting up and running of charitable projects in health care and education centres in Greece, offering lectures and seminars, including participation in a psychiatric program for the re-socialisation of non-violent schizophrenic patients.

In Athens I was responsible for the therapy department of a new Education Centre/ Alternative University. I set up the therapy team, the facilities, and the program. I participated in meetings with interested parties and the rest of the staff; I was involved in the planning of the centre, the financial and legal options and the service department for the public.

In Thessaloniki I participated in a health centre as a lecturer and group facilitator and trainer.

On Crete I was involved in the setting up of a new Centre for Healing and Self-Development. This included planning, fundraising, and organization, as well as co-operation with already existing agencies (bookshops or art institutions) and services for the community.

I was member of the first Volunteers Bureau in Athens (1990) and I participated as a befriender in a program of re-socializing inpatients of psychiatric units.

For 3 years I was participating in a therapy centre in Athens as a volunteer therapist.

In Germany (13 years)
for children and adults (in Greek, German, science)

For 13 years I was organising and coordinating an initiative of the Greek students in Wuerzurg. We were offering on weekly basis (every Saturday morning) help to the Greek primary school pupils with their difficulties at school. We were tutoring them in Greek and German language lessons and mathematics. We have prepared children groups for theatre plays on Christmas and other occasions in collaboration with their teacher/s.

Organising of social activities and cultural events for adults and children (Films, Puppet Shows, Music Evenings, Discussion Rounds, Theatre, Philosophy etc.) including acting as liaison with co-operating agencies, doing social support work, publishing and other promoting activities of greek culture in a multicultural environment